Gun Of Thunder and AG iPod Exchange

12 July 2010
Gun Of Thunder

Gun Of Thunder is a shocking platformer created for Game Jolt's Indie Game Demake Contest (July 2010).

Gun Of Thunder is a demake of Ted Lauterbach (rotten_tater)'s Thunder Gun which was entered into Game Jolt's first contest where the theme was "Shocking".

Gun Of Thunder on GameJolt

AG iPod Exchange
I had to format my laptop due to a few virus issues and when everything got back to normal, Yamipod decided that it didn't want to work for me anymore (probably due to a pesky update by Apple). This prompted me to create my own really simple program to copy the contents of my iPod back on to my laptop with names that actually make sense. It uses an external jar library to read in the ID3 tags which can be viewed here.
What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon, eh?

AG iPod Exchange Download

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