Game Jolt Contest: Invention

18 January 2011
Game Jolt Contest: Invention

A new contest is being held over at Game Jolt. I've publicised the last few contests and jams there, and that doesn't change this time with a month-long contest being sponsored by NALGames.

The theme is "Invention", which leaves you with plenty of creative options. Secondly, there are prizes; hurrah! (So there's no excuse that you're too busy with TIGSource's Versus Compo!). The full details are over at the Game Jolt forums; here's a link to the contest thread.

A piece of art inspired by the "Invention" theme, if you can call it "art". I can just imagine a bunch of dinos running around inventing language, the wheel and other things that humanity takes for granted. What is it with me and dinosaurs?

Art: Invention

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