New Game: Omnivium

18 March 2012

Omnivium is an abstract and atmospheric "dreamscape" game based on the theme of "Ouroboros". With just myself and sound designer Nick Dymond as a team, I was both the game's artist and programmer.

At kick off, Nick and I immediately had a few ideas based around using and making the best of the player's movements. Some of which were directly tied to gameplay mechanics, but many of which were as a way of creating an abstract sequencer or music toy. Nick's specialty, and an area that intrigued me more than the average schmup or platformer.

We decided we would get going, without fully knowing what it was exactly we were making. I remember finding flaws in the initial concept (and almost giving up!) - it was back and forth quite a few times before we nailed another solid idea on the head. In my notepad is genuinely written "MOAR BASSES" at least twice. After a good number of hours and an equal number of both coffees and beers, the end result was Omnivium, and I'm very happy with the way it turned out.

The name Omnivium is semantically comprised of the latin prefix "omni", meaning "all" or "every", and the study of arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and music, known as the quadrivium.

Omnivium was developed at the Pervasive Media Studio hosted Global Game Jam 2012 in Bristol in ~15 hours.

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