Game Jolt Contest #8

09 August 2012
Game Jolt Contest #8

Game Jolt are running a new contest from the 11th to the 19th this month. It's been way too long since their last contest in September 2011, so the news is exciting!

Game Jolt Contest
--contest poster by KniteBlargh

In case you're new to how Game Jolt contests work, it's pretty much like this: developers get together (through the power of the interwebs) to make games, live stream as we develop, chat it up, and hang out. There'll be prizes, featured games, and hopefully some Good Ol' Fashioned Fun Time™.

There's a new contest page which has a live feed that picks up site activity, tweets, and livestreams.

Yup. Stick around for the start date to find out the theme, and make some cool games!

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