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New Slick Contest

01 March 2011
Yipee! There's a new contest over at the Slick forums.

The themes are quite interesting and you don't strictly have to use Slick. You could try to develop an Android game with the "Android are not always friends of mine" theme using the new Slick for Android stuff that Kevin Glass has been working on.

Post on the official thread on the Slick forums to register for the contest. The deadline for this is March 15th; make sure you do it!

Here is the official poster for the contest, which (handily) has some more information:
Slick Contest
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Android Development: !BZZT

18 September 2010

QR Code


Some time back in June, I got hold of a HTC Desire. Admittedly, I was waiting for a decent Android device with a full qwerty keyboard, but I figure I would have had to wait for far too long, so I gave in.

Now, I don't like to admit, but the first thing I did when I switched it on was plugged it in and tried to make an app for it! After experimenting with the SDK for a while, I created an app named "!BZZT".

During those few months experimenting, I occasionally forgot to set my phone to silent when I went to bed. You know what this means, right? I had a combination of email, mobile internet notifications, phone calls and sms messages all deciding to wake me up! This is what prompted me to write !BZZT.

Here's the description I put on the Android Marketplace:
!BZZT is an application that enables you to automatically silence your phone based on particular days and particular times through the use of Profiles. For those of you who forget to put the phone to silent before you go to sleep, this is an app for you.

To the left is a QR code to download the app easily, and below are some screenshots.

Give it a try, let me know what you think, and if you enjoy it, rate it and share it with your friends!
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
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Gun Of Thunder and AG iPod Exchange

12 July 2010
Gun Of Thunder

Gun Of Thunder is a shocking platformer created for Game Jolt's Indie Game Demake Contest (July 2010).

Gun Of Thunder is a demake of Ted Lauterbach (rotten_tater)'s Thunder Gun which was entered into Game Jolt's first contest where the theme was "Shocking".

Gun Of Thunder on GameJolt

AG iPod Exchange
I had to format my laptop due to a few virus issues and when everything got back to normal, Yamipod decided that it didn't want to work for me anymore (probably due to a pesky update by Apple). This prompted me to create my own really simple program to copy the contents of my iPod back on to my laptop with names that actually make sense. It uses an external jar library to read in the ID3 tags which can be viewed here.
What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon, eh?

AG iPod Exchange Download
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Slick with GameJolt Quick Play

09 January 2010

Game Jolt

So you've got your Slick applets working on Game Jolt, but what if your game is normally a downloadable? Game Jolt has "Quick Play" which is pretty handy considering most people don't want to download, unzip, and run a batch script to play your game.

You've tried compiling your Slick game into an executable with both launch4j and JSmooth, but neither have seemed to work. Did you ever try asking Game Jolt to run your batch script?

I did, and it didn't work.

After some reading, here is the reason why:
The Quick Play java applet which downloads and runs your game uses the method Runtime.getRuntime.exec().
Programs ran with exec() will stall if they produce more than a few lines of output.
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18 November 2009

LOVE ME! is a minimal R-Type shooter created for GameJolt's Minimal contest (November 2009).

Minimalist Aim:
The aim was to create the whole game in polygons and to programmatically generate the sound. This would have been such if we had more time. :)

Programming, Sound and Graphics by Ashley Gwinnell and Sam Connolly.
Music by boomlinde titled "Aether Bats".

Minimal Story:
You are white square in a world of reds. The reds don't really want you around, but they are normally passive beings. You've provoked them a little, and things escalate. You are no match for their army.

Minimal Gameplay:
Arrow keys and leftctrl to move and shoot. There is no definitive ending to this game, you will eventually be killed by the swarms and swarms of red stuff. O_O

LOVE ME! on GameJolt
Boomlinde Music
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Game Jolt Contest #3!

30 October 2009
Game Jolt Contest 3

With the Slick contest coming to a close, and having not officially entered a game into it, another opportunity arises.

Game Jolt's 3rd contest will run for a week starting on the 1st of November.

Theme: The theme hasn't been announced yet, but the image to the left is a teaser/hint as to what the theme may infact be. Could the theme be colour, light, retro or glow? We'll find out soon!

Prizes: The 1st place prize is the choice of a game from Steam! and the 2nd and 3rd place prizes will get you featured on the website.

Game Jolt Forum Thread on the contest!
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Slick "Beer" Contest!

28 September 2009

You may know already that I've been using Slick quite adamantly for some time now.
Well, a young man named Gornova from Random Tower thought it would be a jolly good idea to start a beer-themed contest over on the Slick Forums. Granted, I thought about posting one a while back, but figured that JGO was for that kind of thing.
What is my idea? I don't want to give too much away, but it involves... cider!

Slick Forum Thread on the contest!
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Inverse Polarity

13 September 2009
Inverse Polarity

Inverse Polarity is my short platformer schmup for the GameJolt Axiom contest (August 2009).

Axioms Used:
Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Quickplay (Java Webstart)
Readme File
Inverse Polarity on JGO
Inverse Polarity on GameJolt
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Introducing Fluent Cutscenes

26 August 2009
Fluent Cutscenes

With my GameJolt Axiom contest entry going all too slowly, and still needing to create cutscenes successfully in Damon the Dinosaur, I decided that I could genericise my existing cutscene code so that I could use it in my Axiom entry, Inverse Polarity.

A while ago I wrote a short article titled "Fluent Animations and Effects for your next Slick game". I've extended this concept recently for the above reasons and have written a small library built on top of Fluent FX. It's aim is to simplify and code-lessen creating interactive cutscenes for your games.

Fluent Cutscenes demo
Fluent Cutscenes Jar
Fluent Cutscenes JavaDoc
Fluent Cutscenes Source Code
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Madness? Success!

24 July 2009
Hoola Roundup

The "Two Hours Of Madness" contest deadline was over a week ago, and all the entries have been judged. Most were pretty awesome, I was sure that some of the other entries were better.

However, Hoola Roundup came in first place!

I am really, very proud of myself; this was the first games programming competition that I had ever entered. There are an array of features that had to be left out of Hoola Roundup due to time constraints, but I will be putting these features in shortly.

Thanks go to Gideon Simons (AKA QOG) for hosting the competition.

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Fluent Animation & Effects for your next Slick Game.

13 February 2009
Alex at Another Early Morning has written an animation and effects library with the aims of providing rich and concise animations and effects to games without the need to restructure the game architecture.
It will run on Java 1.5+ and has no depencencies, and can be used (if not preferred) with Slick.
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Java: Writing an XML HTTP Server.

13 February 2009
What am I doing? Rewriting the wheel!
Why is it that Java (BufferedReader(InputStreamReader(InputStream))) reads everything in my HTTP POST request fine up until the actual POST BODY?!

It only reads the POST BODY once PHP has timed out. :(
Well, in relation to my last journal on Harmonia_Game_Engine (which I forgot to tag...), I'll make a note to remember.

Don't use BufferedReader if dealing with InputStreams; use StringBuffer.

But why? You may think the BufferedReader's readLine() method is good, because it reads you a line (yep, no parsing of ints to chars), but when it comes to the last line in your stream, it doesnt return -1.

So in revision, don't check for -1 if you want to break out of a 'read input stream loop', use an \"end of stream\" set of characters or equivilent.
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Buddy Blogs

I OH U - knitetgantt

The mastermind behind my game, Click The Pixel.

Ted Lauterbach - rotten_tater

The crazy developer of the awesome game Thunder Gun, as well as most other things that are awesome.

Another Early Morning - Alex Schearer

Alex Schearer created the fluentfx library which I used in Inverse Polarity.

Indie Games

Let's face it, what indie gamer or developer doesn't follow this one?


The developer of Voltorometer, a game that was entered into the Game Jolt shocking contest. Sequel in the works!

Random Tower

Gornova just keeps learning! There's quite often content here that amuses me.


Jack mostly posts stuff on Twitter, but hey.

Kieran Patel

Kieran mostly posts stuff on Twitter, but hey.

Kommander Klobb

Mr. Klobb is founder of Honeyslug and is one of the London indies.

Oh, Games - Joe Bain

Joe has developed an Android game named Kaptilo, as well as an abstract game about catching birds. He's also one of the London indies.

Not The Internet - George Buckenham

George is another of the London indies. He created "Hell is other people". Play it.