Omnivium (January 2012)

Time: ~1 day (Original), ~4 days (HTML5 port)

Attended the Pervasive Media Studio hosted Global Game Jam event in Bristol (#ggj12) and collaborated with Nick Dymond to create an atmospheric and abstract "dreamscape" game we named Omnivium. It is a game where your opponents are formed based on your previous movement throughout the game space. It was developed for Mac and Windows at the jam, and was ported to HTML5 Canvas shortly afterwards.
Graphics and programming by myself. Audio by Nick.

Black Santa (December 2011)

Time: ~5 hours
Black Santa

Spontaneously collaborated with Luke Davies on Christmas Eve (Twitter hashtag #XmasGameJam).
Play as Santa who happens to be black while avoiding aeroplanes, seagulls and the international space station and collecting presents for the children of Christmas.
Art and Music by myself. Programming by Luke.

Spectranaut (November 2011)

Time: ~15 hours

Collaborated with Tom Parry at the Extended Play Interactive Festival Game Jam in Plymouth to produce a colour-switching platformer game based on the theme of "Colour". Tom was on level design and art, and I was developer. Nick Dymond helped us out with some music.

Mirrornaut (October 2011)

Time: ~8 hours

Collaborated with Tomas Rawlings, Nick Dymond and Tom Parry at the Extended Play Game Jam in Bristol (thanks, Pervasive Media Studio!) to produce a running, flipping and jumping action game based on the theme of "Mirrors".
Tomas was on level design and team co-ordination, Nick was on music and sound design, Tom P was on art duties and I was the code monkey. We make a great team!
Second place winner at Experimental Play Interactive Festival 2011 - Game Jam.

Royal Tea (July 2011)

Time: ~3 hours 20 minutes
Royal Tea

Collaborated with Luke Davies during TIGJAM UK5 with the themes "stars", "royalty", and "distortion".
Play as the King of Dunn - the most royal cup of tea ever to grace the earth - however, he wants out! Jump on biscuit platforms to reach the stars!
Art and Music by myself. Programming by Luke.

Armoured Baseball: The Dark Project (June 2011)

Time: ~3 Hours
Armoured Baseball: The Dark Project

Armoured Baseball: The Dark Project is a "random game name generator" game lovingly crafted at Mediatonic's fourth after-work game jam with Marija and Jeff. It was built using my in-progress OpenGL 2d game library, which now works on Mac. Marija made the fantastic artwork, and Jeff found music and added fun by forcing a microphone at us to make puke sounds. Happy days!


Time: ~4 Days

HOT CROSS BUNIONS is a game I started developing at a weekend game jam in Bristol. The theme was "Witchcraft & Breakfast".
Play as an ingredient-catching cauldron to create fine breakfasts for the witch that you serve, while she shouts nothing but demotivational phrases at you.

Reef (April 2011)

Time: ~1 Day

Reef is a game I developed at a weekend game jam hosted by UK charity 10:10.
Play as 10:10's character the blobman to protect the coral reefs from bleaching due to acidification.

NO. I INVENTED THAT! (February 2011)

Time: ~8 Hours

NO. I INVENTED THAT! is a game developed for the Game Jolt Invention Contest in 8 consecutive hours on the evening before the contest deadline. It's your job to spontaneously invent things by "moving around" a randomly generated "map", like in Tanaka's Friendly Adventure. Can you invent everything that has ever existed?

Meat And Greet (February 2011)

Time: ~3 hours 30 minutes
Meat And Greet

Collaborated with Jonathan Whiting during TIGJAM UK4 with the themes "meat balls", "games which create friendships", and "the link / link". Play as a Link-esque character, greet every body in the village, and find some meat for your mother. Art, Story and Music by myself. Programming and Level Design by Jonathan.
Hint: the NPC text hints at who you should talk to next.

Stealth Wank (February 2011)

Time: ~2 hours 30 minutes
Stealth Wank

Created during TIGJAM UK4 with the themes "unusual types of jam", "exploding men", and "stealth wanking", play as a photographer snapping shots of a chronic masturbator. What on earth else could have been done with those themes?

The Battle For Planet Goonob (January 2011)

Time: N/A
The Battle For Planet Goonob

The Battle For Planet Goonob is a collaborative jam game developed with Ricky Haggett of Honeyslug.
Ricky was on mad code and design duties while I was on art, animation, music and sfx. The word "goonob" was coined at the World Of Love conference to be a measurement of angles.

MUST.EAT.BIRDS (November 2010)

Time: ~2 months

"Fire Nomster at the greedy birds using his hastily constructed catapult and defend your sweet treats down to the last crumb."
While working at Mediatonic (a London based independent games studio), I ported this title from iOS to Android, as well as added new content (9 new levels, a brand new puzzle mode with 42 levels and 3 bosses), and localised it for the Korean market and network carriers.

OH MY GROWTH! (November 2010)

Time: ~3 hours

Play as a blood cell in the bloodstream fighting off infection in this ambient 'growing' game created with Aaron who worked on the graphics, and Dave who collected sound effects.
This game was developed in C++ using my in-progress OpenGL game library during work's third Game Jam.
Includes support for Gamepads.

Morbidly Obese Booty Co-op (September 2010)

Time: ~3 hours
Morbidly Obese Booty Co-op

Two friends on a quest for life, love, and cake! An adventure that will take them beyond the stars.
A game developed with Paul who worked on the graphics and audio.
This game was developed using Game Maker 8 software during work's second Game Jam.
Multiplayer only.

Pheon (September 2010)

Time: N/A

Pheon is a small-scale glowy bullet-hell & boss shoot 'em up by William Pluta with 10 bosses, three modes and deep Game Jolt API integration.
William approached me looking for somebody to compose some music for the game. Kindly (and bravely), I said that I could do it!I also did some QA.

Turbo Yak Princess (July 2010)

Time: ~3 hours
Turbo Yak Princess

Play as the princess of all yaks in existence; but turbo! Run through lots of randomly generated grass from something unknown yet terrifying; possibly farmers, perhaps prince yaks. A platformer 'running' game created with Adam who worked on the graphics, and Jim who was producer and sound engineer.
This game was developed in C++ using my in-progress OpenGL game library during work's first ever Game Jam.

Gun Of Thunder (July 2010)

Time: ~7 days
Gun Of Thunder

Gun Of Thunder is a demake of Ted Lauterbach's game "Thunder Gun". The original Thunder Gun is a fast paced action platformer where equipped with a chain-lightning thunder gun, you fend off hordes of enemies. This game was created for the Game Jolt Indie Game Demake Contest where it achieved the 'Funny Gun' award.
This game was developed in C++ using my in-progress OpenGL game library.

GIGA DRILL BREAKER! (February 2010)

Time: ~2 days

GIGA DRILL BREAKER! is a multiplayer-only game based on the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann anime series.
This game was created during the first ever Game Jolt Weekend Jam and it was highly-admired as a birthday gift for a friend who is a huge fan of the series.
This game was developed in Java and is powered by the Slick 2D game library.

LOVE ME! (November 2009)

Time: ~7 days

You are a white square in a world of reds. The reds are xenophobic, they don't really want you around, but they are normally passive li'l squares. You've provoked them, and things escalate. You are no match for their army.
LOVE ME! is a minimalist R-Type-like shooter created with Sam Connolly for the Game Jolt Minimalist Contest.
This game was developed in Java and is powered by the Slick 2D game library.

Click The Pixel (October 2009)

Time: ~1 day
Click The Pixel

"A commentary on the futility of life. In a world of infinite darkness, that which we wish to achieve is the smallest, most difficult target; a pixel of white goodness in a sea of black." - Banov
Behind this game lies the brains of KniteBlargh; he makes awesome art and t-shirts.
This game was tediously developed in C++ using SDL and OpenGL.

Inverse Polarity (August 2009)

Time: ~1 month
Inverse Polarity

Venture through a brightly coloured, axiom-filled land where perpetual gravity shifts are unseemingly normal.
A short, cute shooter-platformer game featuring three unique music tracks. This game was created for the Game Jolt Axiom contest where it achieved the 'M, D and I, Unsolved Mystery' award.
This game was developed in Java and is powered by the Slick 2D game library.

Hoola Roundup (July 2009)

Time: 2 hours 10 minutes
Hoola Roundup

A genreless quick-witted roundup game. The aim of the player is to move coloured creatures known only as 'Hoolas' into a corner that matches their colour. Such a simple mechanic makes the game ideal for young children. This game was created for QOG's Two Hours Of Madness contest and it achieved first place!
This game was developed in Java and is powered by the Slick 2D game library.

Zewm (June 2006)

Time: N/A

Play as a light racer inside a computer system against a friend - we all know Tron clones.
You are able to customise the map by editing the game image with a drawing program. This game is multiplayer only. This was the first real-time game I ever made; previous to this I had only developed web-based games.
This game is developed solely in Sun Java.